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           I returned to my country of birth (Belize) Officially, in January of 2010 on a mission to awaken my fellow Belizean brethren, to the realities of True Democracy and Social Justice. I have no doubt in my mind that my Mission is Ordained, therefore; I seek to selflessly support my countrymen in a quest for a better and brighter future for our Nation and its People, both at home and abroad in the Belizean Diaspora.

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            After stepping down from my post as the Diaspora Focal Point for the Country of Belize at th Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade; I launched the BelizeCan Movement, and have since been solidifying support for truly Democratic, Transparent, and Ethical Governance in his country.

            I started this effort as the President and founder of BeliCorps Volunteer Corps (modeled off the AmeriCorps). I now continue this quest to impart knowledge to my brethren, with the launch of BelizeCan Patriotic Movement and the subsequent launch of the 24 hour online Radio - accessible from the BelizeCan website at:


           Mr. Menzies worked tirelessly in May 2011 on the issue of disenfranchisement against owners and operators of the Bus Industry. This work continued on into June 2011, and he is still currently involved in some efforts to bring transparency and the Rule of Law to the issues. He was taken aback at the ease in which the Government of the Day has been able to manipulate the Bus Operators, by making many unfulfilled promises, and through the Use of the Divide and Conquer technique.

           He has since taken on the issue of the 8th Amendment to the Constitution of Belize, which packs a powerful blow against Civil Liberties in Belize. The power of the change to the Constitution would be such that any opponent to the Government of the Day would be able to be Legally Detained for up to fifty-two (52) days, without ever having his/her day in court. Many in Belize claim that it would be the start of a Civil War, while Citizens of other countries (who reside in Belize and have for years) now claim that they will leave the country if said Amendment ever takes effect. He has held hearings in different areas of the country and has boarded many buses to share the information with commuters who for all intentional purposes have no idea of what is about to hit them. More than 98% of those surveyed, hadn't even heard of the Amendment, although the Constitution of Belize calls for a 90 day time frame for notifying the Belizean people of any proposed change to the Constitution.



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