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MFAMr. Patrick R. Menzies was born in the country of Belize, Central America, where he worked in various areas as a young man.

High School - He attended and graduated from Kings' College (High School) in 1983 in the District of Belize, Belize.

U.S. ARMY AVIATION - He then migrated to the United States of America on 23 August 1983, and on 17 September of the same year he enlisted in the U.S. Army as an Aviation Specialist.  He served on Active Military Duty as an Aviation Specialist until September of 1988; and as a Senior Army AviationInstructor and Evaluator of: Army Aviation Operations, the Instructor Training Course, and the ‘Escuela De Las Americas’ Aviation Branch, until January of 1993.  During that time, Mr. Menzies served in various military posts around the U.S., and in the country of Panama.  He received many medals and awards, including but not limited to: the Expert Rifleman’s Badge, Good Conduct Medals, Army Achievement Medals, Army Commendation Medals, Meritorious Service Medals, and the Air Assault Badge. 

           Mr. Menzies made countless achievements in his military career, culminating with being selected as Sergeant of U.S. Army Aviation in 1992 (a very coveted achievement awarded after a series of competitions which includes athletic, military leadership and knowledge, and a look at the overall Sergeant's achievements during his/her career). He was quickly accepted as a Candidate for the Officer Course at Fort Benning, Georgia.


            Mr. Menzies returned to his country of birth (Belize) in 1993, to serve a one year term as the head of the United Pentecostal Churches of Belize. In 1998, he founded and served as the Bishop of Iglesia La Voz Apostólica Intl. Inc. where he trained and established church leaders for the United States, Belize, and Honduras.

             Mr. Menzies was born of Water and Spirit in November of 1994 while on Temporary Military Duty in California. He went on to start Church Ministries in Kentucky & Tenessee, The Nation of Panama, Alabama, Florida, Texas, and Belize. He also Ministered in Costa Rica, London England, El Salvador, Mexico and many States across the United States of America. He was instrumental in the establishment of five Churches across the Nation of Honduras.


           Upon returning to the U.S. in 1994, Mr. Menzies took a position as a Salesman and within two weeks was promoted to Managing Director of Sales in Dallas, Texas. He achieved many sales awards while working in Sales, and was promoted to Regional Sales Director, and Regional Trainer while managing his Sales Division in Dallas.


          He aslo enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserves, and returned to Active Duty - Military Service in 1996.  He served as an Active Army Reserve Recruiter in New Orleans Louisiana until September of 1998, where he won the Top Hand Recruiter Award. He ended his Active Military Service in September of 1998.

          As a member of the Armed Services of the United States, Mr. Menzies completed many formal schools and Leadership Training Courses, such as - but not limited to: Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training for Aviation Operations, Air Assault Course, Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Training, Instructor Training, Systems Approach to Training, Small Group Instruction Training, Army Recruiter Training and much more.


            Mr. Menzies received his Associates in General Studies Degree at Central Texas College in 1992; Bachelor of Science in Technical Management (Magna Cum Laude) at DeVry University in 2006; the Masters of Business Administration Degree (with Distinction), and the Mastery of Information Systems Management Certificate at Keller Graduate School of Management, in 2008.


             He also established IntegriComp Intl. and IntegriComp Institute of Technology, where he has been the President and dean of Instructions since June of 2003. IntegriComp is registered in the State of Texas (USA), and after opening its first center in Dallas Texas, it moved to Houston in 2006 where it operated two centers in the city. IntegriComp opened its first International Branch in the City of Belmopan, Belize, Central America in March 2009.   IntegriComp provides Information Technology Services and Teaches Software and Hardware classes to the public.  Classes are taught both in English and Spanish (where necessary).  Classes include: Windows Operating System, Keyboarding, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc…), Computer Repair, Networking, PeachTree and Quickbooks Accounting, and much more.  IntegriComp is also registered and operating in the country of Belize Central America under IntegriComp I.T. Training Center, providing computer literacy to many.

PROFESSOR - DeVry University:DeVry

           Mr. Menzies served as Professor of Web and Graphics Design (WGD) at DeVry University – Houston Texas Campus, and the President of Patriotism At Work International. 


Diaspora Of Belize

            In September of 2009, Mr. Menzies was approached by Ambassador Adalbert Tucker (Director of Cooperation Section), and Minister of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade and the Attorney General of Belize – Hon. W. Elrington, and offered an opportunity to both establish and manage the Diaspora Program of Belize.  Upon approval by the Cabinet of Belize for this post, Mr. Menzies served as the Diaspora Desk Officer (Foreign Service Officer – 1), from March 2010 through March 2011. 
            As the Diaspora Focal Point for the country of Belize, Mr. Menzies worked in tandem with most of the Ministries in the Government of Belize, to facilitate the easy transition of Belizeans in the Diaspora, back to the homeland.  He established enabling mechanisms to allow for a more organized approach and implementation of the Services provided by Medical Teams who serve in Belize. The Belizean Diaspora Medical Brigade, the Belizean Diaspora Law Enforcement and Defense Brigade, and the Diaspora Returnee Incentive Program (just to name a few) were all established under his direction.  The Diaspora Returnee Incentive Program is the first Major Step Taken by the Government of Belize to establish an enabling environment to attract its citizenry abroad.  Mr. Menzies was able to effectively get this Program through the Cabinet of Belize within two months of having taken office.  He was also tasked with overseeing the establishment of the Diaspora Of Belize website.

PRESIDENT - NGOs - Non-Profit Organizations:

            Mr. Menzies founded the BeliCorps Volunteers of Belize, and the BelizeCan Movement, and has since been engaging both the current Government with whom he had worked, and the Belizean people at home and abroad, on a quest for good Governance and true Democratic Principles, the Rule of Law, and Social Justice.
            Mr. Menzies is therefore the President of: IntegriComp Intl., IntegriComp I.T. Training Center, Patriotism At Work Intl., BeliCorps and BelizeCan.

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