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Patrick Menzies Link

Patrick Menzies - Mr. Patrick Menzies is a Belizean entrepreneur, charity worker, and teacher who is active in all sectors of Belize’s society. He is the founder of many organizations whose purpose to create a safer community for all Belizeans and to ensure that individuals are able to become involved in the process as well.

Cyril Garcia Link

Cyril Garcia – Is a Belizean born website designer who currently resides in America. His website “Belize in America” is  an online hub that displays, promotes and broadcasts ALL of Belize’s rich and diverse culture in America. Through his site, Mr. Garcia bridges the gap between Belizeans living in Belize and  those abroad.

Lenford Martinez Link

Lensford "Supa G" Martinez Born in Georgetown, Stann Creek and growing up in Corozal, Lensford Martinez is one of Belize’s Best known Belizean musical artist.  While a lot of his past music were quite controversial, Mr. Martinez is now using his music to shed light on the social and moral ills of Belizean society.


Kim Simplis Barrow Link

Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow -  Mrs. Barrow is known as the Special Envoy for Belize and is the Founder and Director of Lifeline Foundation, which strives to improve the quality of life for the children of Belize. She established the Foundation after transitioning from a distinguished career in both the domestic and international tourism industry.