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The Day of Courage

October 21st



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Day of Courage - October 21st

Posted October 18th 2011

The BelizeCan President, Patrick R. Menzies announced today on the 'Eyes on the Nation' radio program, that October 21st is being called ' The Day of Courage.' He mentioned that it is on this day the House of Representatives will meet on the 9th amendment. He went to say:

Patrick Menzies
Patrick R. Menzies - BelizeCan President

The 9th amendment, that is, section 2, will permanently change our Constitution, giving uncontrolled authority to any Governent over us as a people. I will not talk about Nationalization because my concern is Section 2 of the 9th amendment. I can tell you though, that only Socialist and dictatorial countries nationalize; such countries include Venezuela and Cuba, do your reseach.

He challenged Belizeans to have courage and come out on Friday to protest against this 9th amendment that can take away the little Democracy that the Country has. Furthermore, he said:

Patrick R. Menzies - BelizeCan President

" Lets stand as one Nation, if not now, when? Please listen carefully to the meaning of courage:

Courage allows one to realize other virtues like: love, and hope and faith.  To have courage is to be willing to look unflinchingly at catastrophic circumstances and muster the will to overcome the fear.  Never to fully erase and eliminate the fear, but overcome the fear; so that fear does not have the last word; nor push one into conformity, complacency or cowardice... The opposite of courage is not simply cowardice but it’s even worse than that.  It is indifference!
Indifference to evil is more horrifying than evil itself ; precisely because indifference to evil is contagious…  There is NEVER enough courageous folk around.  Too many just want to fit in… to just go with the grain… to simply opt for the illogical reasoning of nonsensical existence."

The protest will be taking place at the Independence Plaza at the Foot of the National Assembly, starting at 7am.





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