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Preventative Detention

(Written By: P. R. Menzies)

Greetings Friends,

This is the actual Proposed Bill that was introduced in the National Assembly and Gazetted on 14th April, 2011.

The Brochure Provided HERE, you may copy and distribute at will!  The brochure was taken from a Power Point Presentation done by the Human Rights Commission in Belize City.

BelizeCan is against this Amendment, (as it stands) as it will seriously curtail the Civil Rights of Residents in Belize, while claiming to curb the actions of certain Criminal Elements.

Belize's problems stem from the reality of an out of control UNEMPLOYMENT, and a lack of Political Will to DECLARE WAR on the POVERTY Level in this country. Almost half of the country's residents are considered to be below the poverty line! This is so sad, and should not be tolerated. The poor gets poorer as the price of fuel skyrockets, having a ripple effect on everything from food to basic material necessities.

"Instead of a Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), what we need is a Poverty Suppression Unit (PSU) and an Unemployment Suppression Unit (USU)," declared Mr. Moses Sulph (President of COLA); at a recent 8th Amendment Forum in Belize City.

Let me hereby Remind you my friend, that (A Previous President of the USA) Benjamin Franklin once said: "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Friends, I have spoken to Police Officers, some senior Government Staff, Teachers, Attorneys, Professionals, Young Belizeans and many in Belize City; who claim that this law will usher in Civil War in Belize.

A German Citizen who has spent the last 6 years in Belize said that if the law is passed, he will leave the country.  He claims that the moves being made by the Government of Belize reminds him so much of Hitler!  "This is just like Hitler" he said, "these are the types of moves that Hitler would make!"

"Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other's welfare, social justice can never be attained.", Helen Keller

A Senior Government Official who spoke on conditions of anonymity, said that: "while I must share with you the Government's position, let me say that I have serious concerns with the implementation of this law.  We have so many laws on the books that we are not even implementing!  Here the major issue will be 'the implementers', since the Belize Police Force in many cases is very Vindictive!"

He also mentioned about a child who was removed from his mother's home because she was a drunkard, and his father hath passed away, and he was given to a Foster family.  That Foster family ended up beating the child to death - here in Belize.  This should wake up any Belizean Resident, to think that If you are considered to have anti-social behavior, you can lose your children.  The question is where will they go?  Who will now raise them?  Do we have the proper trained individuals in Social Services to take on this task? 

Can you trust ANY Government to Honestly use this sweeping authority over its citizens, and not abuse its Political Opponents?  ANY opposition to the Government of the day could be easily silenced under this amendment, in a claim that said individuals are SUSPECTED to be planning some criminal act (maybe even against the government).  This Law - as it stands - cannot be allowed to Pass in our Nation!  We must stand up for Our Civil Liberties. 

Both sides of this argument, the Governments' actual Bill (as it stands today), and that of others, the PowerPoint Presentation, and the Brochure are all included and downloadable here.  Please read and act wisely!

Please choose wisely, and stop this madness!

(P.S. - Please forward The Government's Bill, The PowerPoint Presentation, News Releases, and/or Brochure to Every Belizean or Friend of Belize that you know, both at home and abroad.)

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At Your Service - For a Free and Democratic Belize

P.R. Menzies


We Believe that BelizeCan move Forward and be Free, Democratic, Transparent and Ethical!


Government of Belize's Proposed Bill (As it stands today)

PowerPoint Presentation - Preventative Detention

Brochure - Preventative Detention

Pros and Cons - For and Against this Ammendment




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