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Prime Minister addresses the nation on the occasion of Independence

posted (September 22, 2011 )

Prime Minster Dean Barrow



Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow has addressed the people of Belize on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of Independence.  In his address, which ran for 45 minutes...




Tributes pour in for National Hero!
posted (September 20, 2011 )

Hon. GeorgePrice

Tributes have been pouring in for the fallen leader from Belizeans at home and abroad. The United Democratic Party issued a condolence statement saying, “Like the rest of the nation, we are saddened by his death, but amidst the national mourning, we join in commemorating his great achievements for the Nation of Belize, which are especially remembered during this season of national celebrations.” The University of Belize in its statement on the death of the former Prime Minister said and that The Rt. Hon...



Price Passes: Because Of Him, Belize
posted (September 19, 2011)

GeorgePriceGeorgePriceGeorgePriceGeorgePriceGeorgePriceAlmost exactly 61 years ago - on September 29, 1950, on a Belize city night like this one, George Price and others including Leigh Richardson and Phillip Goldson met at his family home on Pickstock street to form the People's United Party.

That single frame of time - and all that followed - came to define what we all know as modern Belize. The architect throughout was George Price - and tonight, he has passed on at the age of 92.

The father of the nation - as even the UDP Prime Minister Dean Barrow had come to call him -died early this morning at the BHPL Hospital.

His legend is so sprawling, his accomplishments so immense that there is no tidy summation, no concise epitaph that we can offer: Price formed the nation and molded its political culture; "Because of him, Belize" - perhaps that is as simply as it can be put. Today, we walked around his towering legend, and examined his contribution with input from some senior political personalities:

Jules Vasquez Reporting
Five days after he was hospitalized - former Prime Minister George Price died at the Belize Healthcare Partners at 6:30 this morning...



Rt. Hon. Price: Critical But Stable
posted (September 15, 2011)

GeorgePriceGeorgePriceNational Hero George Price remains hospitalized at the Belize Healthcare Partners tonight.

The 92 year old Price fell at his Pickstock Street home yesterday morning where he received an injury to his head. He was rushed via ambulance to the hospital just after 10:00 am accompanied by his relative Winston Smiling. Price underwent surgery reportedly to remove a clot at the back of his head. The procedure was successful...




posted (September 12, 2011)

John BricenoHon. Dean BarrowSir Colville YoungQueen of the BayThis may be Belize's 30th Anniversary of Independence, but the Tenth of September is in its 213th year - and while the citizen's parade may not draw the multitude it once did, and the theme songs may sound a little dated - the tenth is still cause for a celebration and going on bad in the streets.

But before the jump up - there's the nod to officialdom - which we caught at the Memorial park on Saturday morning.

Mayor Zenaida Moya
"As while we commemorate and celebrate a nationalistic and carnivalesque style - this 213th Anniversary. Since that historic day when our...




Harvey Heading For Belize!
posted (August 19, 2011)

Harvey Tropical Storm Harvey Tropical Storm Harvey

Tropical Storm Harvey is gaining strength and heading for Belize tonight. At 6:00 pm, the storm was located 255 miles east southeast of Belize City and heading west with maximum sustained winds of 50 miles per hour.

The Government of Belize has declared a Tropical Storm Warning for the entire coast of Belize. The country is in the Red Two Phase of the National Emergency Warning System and NEMO has been activated and on high alert.

The center of the storm will skirt past the Bay Islands of Honduras tonight and make landfall on Belize sometime tomorrow as a Tropical Storm.




Tropical Wave 560 Miles East Of PG
posted (August 18, 2011)

Harvey Reading Tropical Storm Harvey

Approximately 300 people Attended

Tonight, eyes across the country are on a tropical wave that's moving across the waters southeast of Belize and showing strong signs that it could become a storm by Saturday.

According to our plotting and estimates, the wave is about 560 miles east of Punta Gorda and moving west at 14 miles an hour. The bad news tonight is that not that much is known about the inside of the storm. That's because the US Airforce Hurricane Hunter aircraft which was supposed to fly into the storm this afternoon ran into mechanical difficulties and that mission had to be aborted. So there's no customary 6:00 pm update from the National Hurricane Center...



July 30th 2011

Justice March Justice March - The Justice March

After tedious preparation for the Justice March, the greatly anticipated day came to pass on Saturday July 30th where approximately 300 attended the march. Organizations such as the Maya Leaders Alliance, Belizeans for Justice, BelizeCan, COLA, CFOS and the Upliftment Committee under the Honorable Marcel Cardona, including NIP, VIP and PUP members united as Patriotic Belizeans to protest against the 9th Amendment including other Social issues such as Unemployment, crime, victimization upon other issues. As they marched towards the Memorial Park, protests demanding Justice, jobs and revocation if the 9th Amendment could be heard as the different groups paraded their various complaints on posters resisting the 9th Amendment and adamantly demanding a just Belize. Upon arriving the Memorial Park the representatives of each organization once more communicated their utter resistance against the 8th and the 9th Amendments, amendments which they stated will but take away Human rights and freedoms...



President - Politacally VICTIMIZED - accused of Terrorism

BelizeCan President

Patrick R. Menzies
Patrick R. Menzies, President, BelizeCanPatrick R. Menzies
BBA Spokesperson

Our President, Mr. Patrick Menzies is being investigated for possible charges of Terrorism, because he accused the Government of TYRANNY and DICTATORSHIP. Mr. Menzies also challenged the status quo of corruption in the Nation’s Transportation Industry. He called for the resignation of the Minister of Transport, whom the Prime Minister acknowledged, made a series of bad decisions!





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